About Us

Corporation Mission Statement

The following is the Muncie Community School Mission Statement:

The mission of the Muncie Community Schools is to provide a quality educational environment that allows every student to maximize his or her potential, and upon graduation, possess the basic skills necessary to be a positive, productive, contributing member of society.

School Vision Statement

The following is the Vision Statement for Muncie Area Career Center:

The vision of the Muncie Area Career Center’s Career & Technical Education program is to facilitate personal growth, self-esteem, employability, and life-long learning for all career and technical education students.

Core Beliefs

The following statements represent the core beliefs of our school culture:

1. Every student is entitled to be treated with respect, dignity, equity and without discrimination.

2. A quality education is every student’s right, and we believe that every student can learn at his or her own rate and ability.

3. It is important for us to assist each student in improving both their academic and career skills so that they are prepared for employment, post-secondary education, and life-long learning.

4. We believe Career Center students should be provided opportunities to learn about specific career fields through classroom instruction, lab simulation activities, job shadowing opportunities, internships, interaction with representatives from local businesses/organizations, and opportunities to participate in local, state, and national certification testing.