Success Stories

Jasmine Davis

Jasmine Davis – Biomedical Science (PLTW)

Delta High School

After listening to MACC’s orientation, I knew this was the place where I wanted to go—especially when I knew I could be part of a new program called Biomedical Sciences.This class prepared us for our next step in life after graduation from high school—continuing our education in college and the workforce.The hands-on projects and group activities helped me explore numerous careers but even more, accumulate social skills. During the anatomy units, I learned so much more due to the dissection labs making the experiences so real and meaningful.I plan on attending Ivy Tech Community College and obtaining my general credits. Then I plan to go to Ball State University to work toward my future goal of an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Chance McConnell image

Chance McConnell - Health Sciences I

Monroe Central High School

By attending the Health Science I class at the MACC, I gained a deep appreciation for what health care workers do every day and that it takes a special kind of person to do this kind of work. My plans after graduation are to attend Ivy Tech Community College to obtain my Associates degree of Science and Nursing, and then to transfer to Ball State University to complete my Bachelor’s degree in the same field. Hands down, my clinical experience was the most exciting aspect of the program. Going into it, I was not sure if this was the field for me; but by bonding with the staff and residents at the facility, my love for this career took hold and I want to do it for the rest of my life. What a wonderful opportunity I was given through the Health I class.

Destany Chrisman

Destany Chrisman – School of Cosmetology

Muncie Southside High School

I chose to attend the Career Center because of a field they offer that has impacted my life since a little girl: Cosmetology. This also gave me the opportunity to graduate with both Academic and Technical Honors diplomas. Instruction is very hands-on as I was in class four to six hours every day in my chosen career field. I have gained numerous life skills as well as a license that will allow me to enter the field of Cosmetology right out of high school. The Career Center comes with numerous opportunities that prepare you to be successful in your chosen profession. I plan to work in a franchise salon near Ball State University, where I plan to attend this fall. I will always remember the Annual Hair Show as we had to prepare two models complete with color, style, and wardrobe—it was a fantastic feeling.
Eric Devoe

Eric Devoe – Public Safety (Criminal Justice and Fire Rescue)

Delta High School

I came to the Career Center to receive hands-on training in the careers of Law Enforcement and Firefighting. At the MACC you get to spend more time in class and with the teachers to receive more training that is in-depth and insightful into your selected career. I have been able to gain real-life certifications and actual training that can be applied to my chosen field. I am planning on enlisting in the US Army followed by attending college in the area of law enforcement.I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the Hoosier Emergency Response Olympics which gave me the chance to participate in actual competitions, and we brought home first place trophies.
Sarah Jenkins

Sarah Jenkins – Information Technology Academy

Yorktown High School

I decided to attend the Career Center because I love design and knew this would be an excellent opportunity to further that desire and acquire the skills needed to be successful. The instruction method is much more personal and the instructors want to see us succeed—not just the test scores but making sure we understood before taking the tests. Teamwork is the greatest thing I gained this year as I am not a people person, but the sharing time, the group projects and the leadership skills were so valuable. I plan on attending Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio for Advertising and Graphic Design. I can hardly wait. The most unique thing about my time at the MACC was Career and Tech Week—a way to showcase our work to the community, a good bonding experience, and overcoming challenges and setbacks.