Information Technology Academy

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2-4 Semester
Pathway Title Web & Digital Communications PC & Network Support
High School Courses First Semester:
Interactive Media (3 Credits)
First Semester:
Computer Tech Support (3 Credits)
Second Semester:
Computer Illustrations & Graphic Arts (2 Credits)
Web Design (1 Credit)
Second Semester:
Network Fundamentals (3 Credits)
College Credits Intro to Computer Graphics Information Fundamentals
Information Technology Support
Network Infrastructure
Industry Certifications Microsoft Office Specialist
Cisco IT Essentials
Web Design
CompTIA Strata
CompTIA A+
CompTIA Net +
Internships and Work Experiences Second Semester Seniors who have passed certification requirements may be placed in limited internships.


What will I be learning in this college/career pathway?
Web & Digital Communications PC & Network Support
  • Careers in Web and Digital communications
  • Word processing, desktop publishing, and spreadsheets
  • Software and systems integration
  • Visual Arts and Graphic Design Fundamentals
  • 2D and 3D Animation and Digital Imaging
  • Design and Layout
  • Website Development
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Application Development/Animation/Gaming
  • Project Management
  • Careers in PC Technical Support and Network Administration
  • PC principles and operations
  • Computer hardware and peripheral devices
  • Troubleshooting, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Operating Systems and Utilities
  • Network Media and Topologies
  • Network Devices & Tools
  • Introduction to System Security
  • Network Management


What career options will this program prepare me to pursue?
Help Desk Technician MACC Graduate $26,040
PC Technician
MACC Graduate $29,500
Web Designer
Community College $36,500
Network Technician
Community College $40,450
Network Administrator
Community College/4-year College $70,500
Software Developers, Applications
4-year College $70,500
Programmer 4-year College $70,570
Senior Programmer/Analyst
4-year College $76,240

‚ÄčPC and Network Support Course Outline
Web and Digital Course Outline