Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Flyer

Pathway Title Criminal Justice 
High School Courses Criminal Justice I and II
College Credits Survey of Criminal Justice
Basic Police Operations
Industry Certifications CPR / First Aid

What will I be learning in this college/career pathway?
  • The curriculum for this class is based on the same standards ad content similar to that provided by officially designated law enforcement agencies.
  • Using the MACC patrol vehicle, you will practice traffic stops and procedures for handling various types of traffic violations and accidents.
  • You will practice making arrests and using physical tactics used by police officers to apprehend offenders.
  • You will have the opportunity to use mathematical skills in crash reconstruction and analysis activities requiring measurements and performance of speed/acceleration calculations.
  • Through a simulated criminal investigation, you will use scientific knowledge related to anatomy, biology, and chemistry to solve the crime.
  • You will also be part of a team conducting a mock criminal investigation including collecting evidence, making arrests, writing police reports, and testifying in court.
  • Professional ethics, appropriate communication skills, and written communication skills are taught through activities that model public relations and crime prevention efforts as well as the preparation of police reports.


What career options will this program prepare me to pursue?
MACC Graduate $35,570 avg.
Police Patrol Officer MACC Graduate $51,960 avg.
Police Detective
Associate's Degree $69,040 avg.
Advanced Degree $114,270 avg.

Law Enforcement Course Outline