Health Science I Uniform Requirements & Supplies

Muncie Area Career Center

Health Sciences 1


     Welcome students and parents to the Health Science program. This busy and challenging class will introduce students to many health care careers and prepare them for certification as a Certified Nurse Aide and in CPR/AED training. It offers each student college credits and is a great foundation to launch any advanced health care career.


     Please take not of the requirements and supplies that will be needed throughout the year and come to class prepared to learn. Each student will have a locker space to store supplies so we encourage you to have what you need at the beginning of the year.


Additional Requirements:

Students will not be assigned to a clinical internship without meeting these State mandated requirements listed. Your teacher will provide you with direction on how each requirement will be met (some will be completed in-house at the MACC).

  • A Indiana State Issued photo I.D. (drivers license or State ID) NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Criminal background check 
  • TB testing: This will be provided by the teacher during class time. This is required before students can work within the facilities.
  • Physical Exams: Can be done with your own MD but must be completed on the H&P form we provide to meet State requirements.
  • Random Drug Screens: The required forms will be provided for parent signature.


Classroom Supplies (required):

  • Black ink pen (everyday!)
  • Approx. 500 index cards (any size or color) You will use all of these!
  • Index card box/shoe box to store cards in and rubber bands/clips to separate card groups.
  • Colored highlighters (whatever color you prefer) Used during lecture in class.
  • One – 1” binder with 3 rings to hold CNA RCP’s for check off’s.
  • Box of tissues
  • One -  Container of antibacterial whips
  • One -  Red Ink Pen
  • 2-4 Dry Erase Markers (any color)
  • One - Pencil Pouch

Uniforms: Will discuss the first week of class. No need to buy these now. You will have plenty of time to purchase.


*You will need a few additional supplies for portfolios at the end of the year. That list will be given at beginning of second semester.