Construction Supply List

Muncie Area Career Center

Tool List for Construction Technology


  1. Students are required to have appropriate tools and clothing for the class every day.


  2. Students need appropriate dress for all weather conditions:  cold, wet, hot, etc.


  3. Feet must be covered (NO Sandals)!


  4. Students may wish to purchase the following tools for their personal use. The MACC also has sets of tools available for any student who needs them.

    Claw Hammer

    Gym Bag (for tools)


    Hammer Holster

    Standard Tape Measure

    Tin Snips

    Utility Knife


    Drywall RASP

    Nail Sets 3/32 & 5/32

    Safety Glasses

    Nail Puller (Cats Paw)

    Chalk Line

    Speed Square

    Key Hole Saw



  5. Tools may be purchased from local stores or borrowed from a family member or friend.


  6. Students will have a locker at school for personal tools and clothing.