Welding Supply List

Welding Equipment Needed For MACC Welding Students

Students have the option of purchasing their own tools for the first-year program, but the MACC will have most tools - as well as welding gloves, jackets, and helmets - available for students who need them. Students must provide their own leather work boots. Indiana Oxygen gives student discounts.


Leather work boots (does not need to be steel toe)

Welding jacket ( FR Green is fine)

Safety glasses

Welding helmet (does not need to be autodarkening)

First year Stick/Mig gloves

Second year Mig/Tig gloves

Ear plugs

Welpers or welder pliers

Minimum 6” Slip joint pliers or curved slip joint

Mild Steel Wire brush  (shoe handle or regular 7/8 x 14)

Tape measure

Chipping hammer

Soapstone w/holder

2” 3 ring binder.( tab dividers are optional)