2-4 Semesters
Pathway Title Electrical Technology
High School Courses Electrical I, II
College Credits Intro to Construction Technology
Intro to Electrical
Intro to Electrical Part I
Industry Certifications NCCER
Internships and Work Experiences   Internship with Muncie Homeownership and other local organizations

Picture this: It's mid-November next school year and you and your classmates are installing the electrical wiring in the house the Construction Technology class just finished framing out. In the spring, you'll come back out to the house to install the outlets, switches, light fixtures, and home security systems to ensure that everything is up to code and ready for inspection. In this program, you will learn about:

          Residential wiring
          Wired and wireless security systems
          Power supplies
          Fiber optics and digital circuits


What career options will this program prepare me to pursue?  
Electrician Assistant MACC Graduate $26,860 avg.
Security & Fire System Technician MACC Graduate $44,730 avg.
Residential Electrician Community College $57,680 avg.
Electrical Engineer 4-year College $76,070 avg.