Welding Technology

Welding Technology image

2-4 Semesters
Pathway Title Welding Technology
High School Courses Welding Technology I, II
College Credits Shielded Metal Arc Welding I
Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding & Cutting
Gas Metal Arc Welding
Industry Certifications American Welding Society (AWS)
Level 1-Modules, 2, 3, 8-Unit 1, 8-Unit 3, and 9 plus one welding process
Internships and Work Experiences Second-semester seniors who have passed certifications requirements maybe placed in limited internships

What will I be learning in this college/career pathway?
  • You will be operating various types of welding and machining equipment.
  • In the welding lab, you will practice forming, shearing, arc welding, mig, tig, oxy-acetylene, fusion, brazing and arc aircutting and resistance welding.
  • Through hands-on activities, you will learn about the properties of metals, safety issues, blueprint reading, electrical principals, welding symbols,and mechanical drawings.


What career options will this program prepare me to pursue?
Welders, Cutters, & Welder Fitters
MACC Graduate $24,441
Certified Welding Technician
Community College $33,490
Structural Metal Fabricator
Community College $43,700
Materials Engineer
4-year College $59,780
Metallurgist 4-year College $67,800